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5 Financial Literacy Tips the game of Monopoly can teach your kids!

TweetTeaching children the different concepts of Personal Finance can be a difficult topic of discussion for some adults.   Many adults feel clueless on where to start to make the subject interesting and captivating.  Keeping a child’s attention on the subject can be daunting if the approach is too analytical.  If you want to succeed with introducing children to the topic
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Whitney Houston’s Estate is not BROKE!

TweetMany reliable sources on the internet have label Whitney Houston’s estate as BROKE and in a financial bind.  Sources say that Whitney Houston was already on the brink of a financial calamity even facing bankruptcy.  Music Industry Insider Wayne Russo gives a full break down of Whitney’s liability to Sony Music Group, and why it may be a long time
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The Habits of the Wealthy and the Poor?

TweetIt’s not coincidence or plain luck, why some people are wealthy and others are not.  It is a proven fact that if you visit the bookshelves or libraries of the wealthy and affluent there lies books by Napoleon Hill, Wallace T. Wattles and Dale Carnegie or any other author with a similar theme.  Many wealthy and affluent individuals know and
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