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The Death of Google RSS Reader: Why bloggers and business owners need to get serious about List Building

Since Google announced that they will be getting rid of Google RSS Reader, I have read so many articles where bloggers and business owners are wondering what will their subscribers use as an alternative to stay connected with them once Google officially disables the reader.  For me personally I have never put a lot of emphasis on  convincing readers who come to my website to subscribe to my RSS reader.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have provided the call to action as an option but my emphasis has solely been on getting subscribers on my email list.  Not subscribing to my RSS reader.  I have never been a fan of someone having total control of something that I own, and for me my website or blog is my asset, I should have control on my list subscribers not Google.

Why are List Subscribers important?

List subscribers are an important part of the list building process when you decide to create a website or blog.  Bloggers and business owners who have websites do not understand that list building is a large part of creating an online asset.  I am a firm advocate of telling individuals that there is a big difference in a visitor and a website subscriber.  A website subscribers will become an asset to a blogger or business owner,  a website visitors is just that a “visitor”, they are not part of the asset building process.  If you are serious about monetizing your online activity  on your blog or website, you need to be growing your list so that your website can   become profitable.

What type of Tools do I need to get started with email list building?

What do you need to get started with list building  online?  You need an email marketing system, I am currently using Aweber.   Aweber is not a free email marketing system, there are free ones, and I have  switch from using free and invested in Aweber for a $1 dollar to get started.    Aweber has many functionalities that make listing building easy, your blog can be automatically fed using Aweber to be sent to your list subscribers.

Check out the video  tutorial below to see how to connect your blog into Aweber.

Now once the blog is fed into the Aweber email system, your blog content is submitted to your subscribers automatically, as long as you set the frequency in the system.  Now your website and blog readers do not have to rely on Google RSS.

If you are serious about monetizing your website or blog, list building should your main activity. I will go into list building more indepth stay tuned.

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