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The Habits of the Wealthy and the Poor?

It’s not coincidence or plain luck, why some people are wealthy and others are not.  It is a proven fact that if you visit the bookshelves or libraries of the wealthy and affluent there lies books by Napoleon Hill, Wallace T. Wattles and Dale Carnegie or any other author with a similar theme.  Many wealthy and affluent individuals know and understand that reading the books that I previously mention do have a direct link between your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs on prosperity.  Now visit the households of the poor and struggling, and you will not find one copy of “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Power of Thinking Big”. 

The wealthy and the affluent are forced optimists and they run from pessimism or resist their own pessimism.  Individuals who struggle or have faced an economic setback are extremely pessimistic and they subscribe to their pessimism to confirm their setbacks.  The wealthy considers this mindset as “poor of mind”, and “poor in purse”, and that’s why they run from pessimism and skepticism.  It’s been proven that pessimism and skeptism are close cousins.  Which one are you subscribing to, here are four tips to help you to overcome a mindset of pessisive and become an optimist. 

  1. Read classic and modern day books on mindset and positive thinking–   Two of the books I listed above, “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Power of Thinking Big”.   These books can be found on the internet free of charge as a downloadable PDF.  The reason why the writings are free, because they are in public domain and free from copyrights. 
  2. Who are you around on a constant basis?  People who subscribe to doom and gloom if so, look into meeting individuals who don’t subscribe to the rhetoric.  Studies show your income is a reflection of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. 
  3. Challenge yourself – Do not become complacent, being complacent can breed laziness.  Lazy individuals never want to accept change, learn to embrace change and take the challenge of going outside your comfort zone. 
  4. Daily affirmations – Create a journal to write, daily affirmations.  This will assist you on any goals that you want to obtain, practice writing and saying them daily once at night and again in the evening.



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