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The Unfair Advantage – Knowledge is the New Currency

Sometimes a bad personal experience can have an impact on your life forever, and that’s just what happen to me back in 1998.  I did everything I was told to do that would allow me to gain success and money in life.  I graduated from a good college ,  I started my career at a top tier accounting firm, and had a good salary for someone who was only 23 years old.  But guess what it was all taken away from me,  and it left me so outraged, bitter and angry;  and I  remained that way  until  I read a book that changed my life that book was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  The book changed my life forever and it gave me a different perspective on money and earning an income.

I had been accounting student for 4 years and a accounting professional for at least 1 ½ years and never understood the importance of creating or buying  assets to generate passive income.   The knowledge that Robert Kiyosaki shared in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” allowed me to forever become a student of his knowledge and financial wisdom.

Well since that book was written Robert Kiyosaki  has continued to write many books, and one his latest is “Unfair Advantage – The Power of Financial Education”.  If you want answers about why the calamity of the housing crisis happen,  how to protect yourself from the fiscal cliff, and  how to use your knowledge to provide a passive stream of income for you or your family, then you have to read this book.

Stop being a victim and become a victor, your family and your life depends on it.




Make an investment to change your financial lifestyle now, which will pay you passively in the future!

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