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US Government Shutdown: How TD Bank is helping Federal Employees

It is now been six days since US government shutdown, and many federal employees have either been governmenst shut furloughed from employment are still working, whatever the case may be these individuals will not be getting paid. Currently my own personal household is being affected, even though I am self-employed my husband is a federal employee who still has to work but will not being getting paid. I have asked him what is the morale of the employees of the job, since they are working but not receiving a pay check ; he believes this dose of reality will hit them once they realized their direct deposit paycheck has not been deposited in their bank accounts.

With the current status of what is happening in congress between the two political parties, there is a good chance that the two parties will not be in agreement by the time next pay cycle. So what happens to a household that depends on a biweekly paycheck to contribute to pay monthly expenses when there is no disposable income for the household.

Well TD Bank is offering a TD Bank Payment Assistance Program to help customers meet their financial obligations. Before I continue I am not a paid endorser of this program I do not receive any financial incentive to provide this information. This was something that I uncovered when I was doing some research on this matter with my own bank. The program is a short term program to help offset the delay in receiving paychecks from the federal government.

Here are the details on the program:
• Must be a TD Bank customer for at least 60 days, and have furlough paperwork or proof of employment (such as a government ID) and proof that you have received two paychecks in the last month from the government and you can validate you have missed a paycheck.

• Some customers who are eligible customers can access funds in the amount of their total monthly paycheck (up to $1,000) from their account with no overdraft fees charged during the duration of the program.

• The following fees will be waived Overdraft- Paid or Return (non-sufficient funds), Sustained OD fee, Monthly Maintenance fee, Non-TD ATM fees, ATM Balance Inquiry fee, Savings Overdraft Protection, and Moneyline transfer fees.

• The program runs from October 10 until November 2, 2013. If the government reopens before November 2, the program will end on that date.

To learn more how TD Bank is helping Federal employees go to http://www.tdbank.com

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