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Why Business Owners should write a book?

I had always wanted to write a book, but I was thought the process would be similar to college.  Doing research, writing a www.yourmoneymentor.com thesis, gathering footnotes you name it Ughhh!  I was so wrong!  Writing your first book if you are a business professional is not about writing "War and Peace" or the "Roots Saga".  It's about providing solutions that can help the general public to solve a problem in a written form.

Any business professional who has been employed in a career or operated a business, can share and write a "How To book".  A "How to book"  is a solution based information product in the form of a book to provide to the marketplace.  All over the internet people are searching for solutions to solve different problems, why not let your book be one of those that are chosen to help with the solution.

When I decided to write a book in 2011, I wrote a book on a subject matter that I affected me personally and professionally.  I was already sharing my expertise to family and friends for free, but it was not until I hired a business coach, that I was told to put it in a book.

If you a business owner and you want to separate yourself from the masses write a book to stand out from the crowd.

Check out my video below, where as I go into the subject matter further.

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